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Utility & Infrastructure

Aerial of Downtown Levelland

Levelland’s infrastructure network is built to support its residents and businesses. Highways, rail, and air keep the goods and people moving and provide access to markets outside the city. Reliable utilities, including electric, water/wastewater services, and high-speed internet, keep your business up and running at its most efficient level. In Levelland, you’ll find everything you need to live, succeed, and grow. 


Levelland is at the crossroads of two major highways: US Hwy 385 (north-south) and SH 114 (east-west). These highways intersect Levelland, connecting the city and businesses to cross-country interstates and national markets. 

Why Levelland

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport

Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport is located 43 minutes east of Levelland, providing connecting flights to Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas through American, Southwest, and United Airlines and freight airline operations through FedEx and Airborne. The airport is designated as a U.S. Port of Entry with an onsite U.S. Customs Service.

Levelland Municipal Airport

Located on US Hwy 385 just south of Levelland, the Levelland Municipal Airport boasts one of the best runways and supporting facilities of any General Aviation airport for a city its size in Texas. The airport is fully equipped and handles all General Aviation needs.

Development sites are available for airport-based businesses and the Levelland EDC is available to assist companies with site selection. 


Businesses have access to the rail services they need to ship goods across the country at Levelland Industrial Rail Park. The shortline from the park directly connects to a Class 1 BNSF rail interchange in Lubbock, Texas.

Powering Our Community


Founded in 1938, Lamb County Electric Cooperative Inc. is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service at the lowest practical cost. The co-op maintains a well-trained, quality workforce to meet the changing needs of its members. Service areas extend through six counties, including Hockley County, and the co-op serves more than 11,000 meters with over 3,000 miles of energized line. 

Xcel Energy is a major U.S.-regulated electric delivery company serving approximately 3.7 million electric customers through its regulated operating companies. Xcel Energy partners with businesses and state, regional, and local organizations to achieve economic growth and job creation while building a better energy future by continuing to transition to clean energy. 

Water and Wastewater Services

Water and wastewater services are provided by the City of Levelland, which is reliably sourced through a municipality-owned and operated system in conjunction with the Canadian River Municipal Authority. Wastewater is treated in an aerated lagoon treatment plant.

Natural Gas

Natural gas services in Levelland are provided by Atmos Energy, the country’s largest natural gas-only distributor. As part of its vision, Atmos Energy continuously works to modernize its business and infrastructure with an investment of approximately $2 billion a year in system upgrades.

Internet, TV, and Phone Services

High-speed fiber optic internet services are available for Levelland businesses and residents by Windstream and VEXUS, which also offers digital TV and phone services delivered over a pure fiber network.

Satellite internet services are also available through HughesNet and Viasat, and broadband services are offered by Resound Networks