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Levelland has a labor force of over 5,000 people and employs more than 6,000 people at its 472 businesses. Employers in Levelland have the advantage of drawing from a labor force of over 190,000 individuals within the nine counties contiguous to Hockley County. 

In Levelland, there are more white-collar workers than blue-collar workers, with the largest job counts by occupation, including office and administrative support, education, executive, and managers. Top industries include health care, education, and retail/restaurant.

  • Labor Force: 5,460

  • Employees: 6,081

  • Total Establishments: 472

  • Blue Collar: 34%

  • White Collar: 65%

Largest Job Counts by Occupation

  • Office & Administrative Support: 12.15%

  • Education, Training/Library: 10.71%

  • Sales: 10.59%

  • Executive, Managers, & Administrators: 9.55%

  • Food Preparation, Serving: 5.56%

Top Industries by Job

  1. Health Care & Social Services: 1,503 Jobs, 42 Establishments

  2. Education: 1,012 Jobs, 11 Establishments

  3. Retail: 744 Jobs, 61 Establishments

  4. Accommodation & Food Services: 420 Jobs, 38 Establishments

Both small and large businesses thrive in Levelland. 90% of businesses have less than 20 employees, and two businesses have between 500 and 999 employees.

Workforce Development Partnerships

Levelland EDC has built numerous relationships to provide resources to local employers. These partnerships extend beyond Levelland and Hockley County to include a region-wide approach to Workforce Development. The Levelland EDC draws on these resources to provide employers with a variety of training options and workforce development information.